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Collage Art of Stucco Textures and Finishes


  • Type of plaster commonly used on the exterior and interior of buildings.
  • Most commonly applied in several layers to a wire framework.
  • Traditional stucco, made from lime, sand, and water, is extremely strong and durable.
  • In today’s modern construction, the most commonly used stucco is made from Portland Cement, sand, and water.

What are the benefits of Stucco?

Weather Resistant and Long Lasting

Stucco is one of the most durable exterior siding options available, lasting for over 50 years. Stucco can expand, contract, and withstand extreme temperature shifts from snow, rain, and wind.

Maintenance Free

Stucco is a cost-saver and does not require repainting, upkeep or re-installation.

Adds Value and Aesthetic

Stucco’s popularity and classic style contribute to the value and aesthetic of a property. Stucco comes in several forms, with different texture options to choose from, including coarse, pebbled, raked, smooth, and swirled.


Stucco acts as a thermal insulator that maintains internal temperatures. Stucco is energy efficient and cost-effective.

Fire-Proof & Decay-Resistant

Stucco is fire-resistant. A one-inch layer of stucco effectively provides a one-hour fire rating.


  • Used to create walls and ceilings.
  • Used to create design features including arches, eves and other architectural details.
  • Drywall is a streamlined way to plaster.
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Exceptionally durable and requires only simple repairs when damaged.
drywall installation

Painting Services

Exterior and Interior Painting Services-min

Re-energize your property with a fresh coat of modern color. Smith Plastering offers residential and commercial, interior and exterior painting services.

Why Choose Smith Plastering?

Customer Oriented – a family owned and operated business that always puts customers first.

With Years of Experience – with almost 20 years of construction experience which prepare us for every job we take.

Satisfaction Guaranteed – our reputation was built on superior quality and exceptional customer service

We take projects of any size, either big or small.

Metal Framing

  • Since the early 1950’s, metal framing has been the standard for commercial construction in the USA.
  • Metal Framing is an alternative to traditional wood framing and has become a common choice for single-frame home construction and remodeling within the past two decades.
  • The use of metal framing in home construction and remodeling provides freedom of design, durability, and ease of maintenance.
  • Never as cheap as wood, steel studs cost only about 30% more than wood studs. Steel studs are hollow and lighter to carry and store than wood.
metal framing

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Smith Plastering, Inc. can take on any project size – from single frame home renovations to commercial builds. Regardless of the size, have confidence that Smith Plastering, Inc. will provide the dedicated service you deserve. We are Bonita Spring’s most trusted stuccodrywallpainting, and metal framing provider.

  • Timely Delivery
  • Trusted Local Company
  • We Consider Personal Style, Budgets and Climates

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