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As your professional contractor in Fort Myers, FL, Smith Plastering, Inc. is highly experienced and skilled in providing top of the line stucco, drywall, and metal framing installation services.

When making your decisions for your home construction and remodeling, you naturally want to make the best choice. You want the building materials that will be used to be the most ideal for your project.

Building materials should fulfill your construction needs and other considerations, such as your budget and your design sensibilities, you need only to trust the best Fort Myers painting and plastering contractor

Fort Myers Stucco

Collage Art of Stucco Textures and Finishes
  • Stucco is a type of plaster and commonly used on the exterior and interior of a building.

  • Traditional stucco is made using lime, sand, and water, which is extremely strong and durable.
  • In today’s modern construction, the most commonly used is made using Portland Cement, sand, and water. Stucco is applied to a building using a wire framework to adhere more easily and is usually applied in several layers.

Benefits of Stucco
  1. Weather Resistant and Longer Lasting
  2. Free of Maintenance
  3. Fire-Proof / Decay-Resistant
  4. Adds More House Value and Aesthetic Style
  5. Energy-Efficient

Drywall Fort Myers

The streamlined way to plaster, drywall is essentially big chunks of pre-rendered material that you can stick directly to the wall. It’s like wallpapering instead of painting the design onto the wall. You still need to cover the drywall with another few coats, one to fill all the gaps that might have been created, a skim coat to cover it and paint to provide the color, but it’s still a whole lot more convenient than wet plaster. The main advantage is that it can be thrown up quickly and easily, with relatively little mess. This can result in much lower labor costs.

drywall installation

Exterior and Interior Painting Services in Forth Myers

Exterior and Interior Painting Services-min

When you choose us at Smith Plastering, Inc. you’re getting top-notch service from start to absolute finish. If you choose to add paint to your project and we would be happy to oblige. We have some of the very best painters in Fort Myers, FL. They pay excellent attention to detail and get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Why Choose Smith Plastering?

Customer Oriented – a family owned and operated business that always puts customers first.

With Years of Experience – with almost 20 years of construction experience which prepare us for every job we take.

Satisfaction Guaranteed – our reputation was built on superior quality and exceptional customer service

We take projects of any size, either big or small.

Metal Framing Fort Myers

Metal framing has many benefits compared to other building materials, thus emerging as the standard of commercial construction in the USA since the early 1950s. It has become an alternative to traditional wood framing. Metal framing became a common choice for single-frame home construction and remodeling within the past two decades.

There are a few benefits to using metal framing in Fort Myers, FL for your interior wall system. The dominant use of steel framing in home construction and remodeling is due to the numerous advantages that metal framing has compared to other building materials. The use of metal framing will provide you with freedom of design, durability, and ease of maintenance, making it a smart choice. The advantages of using metal framing are worth considering for your interior wall system for your home construction and remodeling.

metal framing

Upgrade your home with Smith Plastering! For over 20 years, our company has been a contractor’s first choice for providing quality of service in stucco and drywall finishes as well as metal framing and painting services in Fort Myers, Florida, and its surrounding areas.

Timely delivery and quality of service”. Smith Plastering, Inc. since 1997 has been locally managed and operated as a family-owned business. We specialize in exterior and interior finishes of homes such as stucco, drywall, painting, and metal framing.

Smith Plastering, Inc is a stucco company in Fort Myers and we are catering services for contractors who wish to have stucco used for their projects. So, if you are looking for a stucco company in Naples or in Collier and Lee countiesSmith Plastering is the best company for you!

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